Recipe: Smoked Mackerel Salad

One of the things I’ve noticed while looking for information about dairy-free diets is that most recipes and blogs specifically identified as dairy-free are aimed at vegans. I have nothing against the vegan lifestyle, and respect people who feel it is the best option for them, however having been a vegetarian for three years, I … Continue reading

Quick and Easy Bean Salad

Quick and Easy Bean Salad

Mondays are always mad hectic when it comes to dinners. With at most an hour to change, eat and tidy up before heading out again, quick but filling is a must – despite my best efforts I have yet to manage to cook a batch of anything other than soup at the weekends, and that … Continue reading

Bloggers Delight: Part 3

Beetroot, Orange and Feta Salad

The third post in my very blog-inspired week comes courtesy of a wonderful blog called Lola-Lu’s Kitchen. I’d never cooked beetroot before, but with a recipe for Martijn Kajuiter’s Rhubarb With Beetroot I’d seen over at The Daily Spud in mind, I’d picked some up. Once I saw this recipe, the rhubarb had to wait. … Continue reading