Recipe: Soy Sauce Stir Fry – Three Ways

Stir frys make a great midweek dinner, they’re super quick, super easy, and great for using up the odd unloved vegetable at the back of the fridge. Meat, fish and nuts all make great additions, but what about a sauce? Thankfully, the Home Economic days of dousing everything in soy sauce and hoping for the … Continue reading

Sweet Potato, Broccoli and Lentil Sambar

I recently caved to a long-held desire and spent a budget-breaking €40 on a cookbook. To justify such insane expenditure, I’m going to have to cook just about everything in it – but so far, the Cornucopia: at home cookbook has more than lived up to my (significant) expectations. At the risk of sounding like … Continue reading

Five Spice Salmon with Noodles; Mango and Pepper Salsa

I’d like to pretend that my recent absence from the blogosphere was due to a number of fascinating real-world commitments, which entirely monopolised my free-time but will make excellent dinner-party conversation for years to come. Unfortunately, the real reason is tragically mundane: my laptop died. The grieving period was short however, and I managed to … Continue reading

The Learning Curve.

Aubergine and Cabbage

I have a category in my head of ‘things that make you go hmm…’. It’s difficult to identify in advance what will make me go ‘hmm…’, but when I find it, I know it. This recipe is definitely one of them. From the moment I got the Cafe Paradiso cookbook, this was the recipe I … Continue reading

This is how The Mammy cooks.

Fillet steak with peppercorns

Potatoes, which I conveniently forgot to photograph, aside, The Mammy made the dinner last night. Sometimes you need that, you know? To say it was delicious would be an understatement of epic proportions.

An Ode to Vegetarian Chilli

The thing about Vege Chilli (VC) is that sure it’s nice on the day you make it, but that’s not what it’s about. The day you make it, time is on your side. You prepare salsa and guacamole too, and serve the whole thing in wraps with cheese and sour cream. It’s good, but the … Continue reading

About as close to Thailand as I’ll be for a while…

steamed sea bass

[In this part of the post, I’d like you to take a moment to imagine that an ash-spewing volcano is all that’s coming between me and a trip to Thailand. Thank you, Iceland.] Not quite as artistically arranged as Jamie’s There’s a lot I could say about this dish. I could say in general, steamed … Continue reading

A burger? Of chickpeas?

There seems to be a power struggle going on in my house at the moment. Everybody is avoiding the weekly shop. There is a list on the fridge which has been gradually growing, including more and more staples as it does so. Among the multitude of items it currently features are chickpeas, tuna, tinned tomatoes … Continue reading

Saffron Fish Stew


    I feel like I can’t in good faith cook Easter Sunday dinner until I’ve blogged about Friday’s dinner. It was that good. The recipe came from my current favourite cookbook, Ravinder Bhogal’s Cook in Boots. It’s rare that you find a cook book that consistently produces rave-worthy food, but this is mine. It’s … Continue reading