All Hail Halloumi

Halloumi pitta

I’ll confess: I normally turn to roasting veg when they’re no longer quite up to salad standards. So the forgotten, slightly shriveled red peppers went into the mix with some slowly browning aubergine and some squishy cherry tomatoes. A quick blast in the oven along-side some shallots, garlic and chili and dressed with a dash of balsamic … Continue reading

The Learning Curve.

Aubergine and Cabbage

I have a category in my head of ‘things that make you go hmm…’. It’s difficult to identify in advance what will make me go ‘hmm…’, but when I find it, I know it. This recipe is definitely one of them. From the moment I got the Cafe Paradiso cookbook, this was the recipe I … Continue reading

Easter Lamb

So I mentioned before that I have never been a huge fan of the Sunday Roast, and Easter Sunday very nearly changed that – except that it wasn’t the lamb I was crazy for, but (as usual) the side dishes. However, given that the veg were cooked in the roasting pan with the lamb, it … Continue reading