Five Spice Salmon with Noodles; Mango and Pepper Salsa

I’d like to pretend that my recent absence from the blogosphere was due to a number of fascinating real-world commitments, which entirely monopolised my free-time but will make excellent dinner-party conversation for years to come. Unfortunately, the real reason is tragically mundane: my laptop died. The grieving period was short however, and I managed to … Continue reading

Cranberry Breakfast Muffins

Cranberry Breakfast Muffins

Dear readers, if one day you should find yourself working crazy long hours on the other side of town, remember this post. These muffins will save your life.* The recipe came to me Confessions of a Tart, who described them as “the perfect breakfast muffin“. She could just be right. What do you think? Are … Continue reading

Tomato, Goats Cheese and Mustard Tart

Tomato, Goats Cheese and Mustard Tart

I’m not sure what is responsible for my tart-baking obsession of late, sweet or savoury, I just can’t get enough of them. I’ve tried to break the habit, bookmarking and post-it-ing dishes at a rate of knots, but when it comes to getting in the kitchen, it’s the tarts that call to me. I think part … Continue reading

Homemade Salsa

There’s something inherently amusing about the way people can fixate en-masse over aspects of the weather. When I lived in Cambridge, the first week of the bitterly cold winter would inevitably result in a new kind of greeting, an urban myth which would be repeated again and again, as if just saying it would make … Continue reading

Strawberry Tart

I seem to have just missed Bord Bia’s National Strawberry Week while on my Croatian travels, but really, you don’t ever need an excuse to indulge in fresh Irish strawberries. At the moment, I’m particularly enjoying them for my lunch, drizzled with balsamic vinegar and black pepper. A friend tipped me off on this one, … Continue reading

Carrot Salad

Things have been fairly hectic Chez Ais of late. Finals finished on Thursday, and what better way to celebrate than with a big ole BBQ. Unfortunately, all that cooking didn’t leave much time for blogging. All is not lost however, because there is plenty of fodder for future posts, with home-made salsa, red onion marmalade, … Continue reading

Roast Rhubarb with Honey and Orange

The glorious weather of the past week has proved somewhat of a mixed blessing: as the sun beats down outside, I’ve been in the library, trying, often unsuccessfully, to condense a year’s learning into a few pithy notes. Thursday presented a welcome distraction, when I was lucky enough to attend the #irishfoodies event organised by Maeve … Continue reading

Comfort Food, College Style.

In the days of yore, when I was a ‘real’ student that didn’t live at home, this was the specialty dish of one of my roommates. Traditionally, it is made with turkey steaks, because Tesco generally had them on special offer, though chicken makes a fine turkey substitute. I’d imagine chucking in a few extra … Continue reading

Smoked Paprika Pork

Smoked Paprika Pork

Few things are as exciting as getting a parcel in the post, especially when wrapped in wax paper and tied up with string, as was the lovely rack of quality-assured pork Bord Bia sent me earlier this week. One of my favourite things about blogging so far has been the constant motivation to try something … Continue reading

Family, eh?

Tonights dinner guests have never been afraid to let their presence be felt. They have, The Mammy informs me, demanded a teaser of what is in store for them. Well this is all you’re getting: