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Irish Food Bloggers

9 Bean Row: Lovely recipes, and even lovelier photography. Always something new and interesting.

Adventures in Veg: A vegan in Dublin, Aoife’s posts are a lovely mix of recipes, vegan treats and vegan-accessible eating out. If you’re musically inclined, you’ll enjoy her music blog, Sweet Oblivion, and her weekly show on RTÉ 2xm.

An American in Ireland: Clare did the unthinkable, and left the sunny shores of California for our inclement climes. Her blog offers a fantastic insight into Irish culture, and a wonderful range of authentic recipes spanning three continents.

Babaduck Babbles: No babbling, but rather a lovely collection of recipes and reviews of Irish (and French!) products and produce.

Bibliocook: Cookbook reviews, foodie event previews and lovely recipes to boot, if you need to know what’s happening in the world of Irish food, this is pretty much your one-stop shop. CheapEats highlights all the best deals in Irish supermarkets each week, but does so much more than that. It’s archives feature a wealth of delicious recipes that can be prepared for less than €2 per head.

Dinner Du Jour: Kristen and x have come up with a great collection of recipes you really want to make – the family favourites section in particular is always a great go-to.

Friendly Cottage: Lovely crafts and beautiful recipes. Sharon’s photography is glorious.

Gluttony for Beginners: Absolutely delicious – especially for hearty dinner recipes. For when you need a hug in a blog.

I Can Has Cook: Aoife posts food I want to eat. Quite a lot of it actually.

I Married An Irish Farmer: I think Imen has a better understanding of traditional Irish living than I do – and she’s American! Her blog always makes a great read, and is beautifully laid out and illustrated.

Italian Foodies: Who could resist the favourite family recipes of an Irish-Italian family? Oh and did I mention they run an acclaimed restaurant too?

Jono and Jules do Food and Wine: This little blog is new to me, but it looks great – I’ll be keeping a close eye on it!

Like Mam Used To Bake: If ever there was a blog that did exactly what it said on the tin, it’s this one.

Lola-Lu’s Kitchen: Lola and Lu have mad adventures and cook good food, and really isn’t that all anybody wants?

Make Me a Home Chef: Paula’s cooking her way through Neven Maguire’s Home Chef – but adding in lots of delicious recipes of her own too! Everything is beautifully presented and always looks delicious.

Musings of a Med Student: Sarah’s blog is a real find – with everything from gorgeous photos to the ultimate guide to medical jargon – and plenty of recipes too. When she writes about chocolate it makes me want to raid the cupboards.

Smorgasblog: Joanna’s blog has a beautiful selection of recipes which come with step-by-step photographs so you can make sure everything’s on track as you follow along. I especially want to try this delicious-looking Scandanavian Fiskeret.

Some Say Cocoa: This one is all about chocolate. Chocolate.

Stuff I Make, Bake and Love: Lilly’s blog feels like the phrase ‘tender loving care’ was invented to describe it. Everything is carefully crafted and beautifully shot.

Supper Satisfaction: Simple, healthy, and most importantly, tasty dinners.

The Daily Spud: Potato, potato, potato. An award-winning blog which uses potatoes in ways you wouldn’t have thought possible. Spudalicious.

The Good Mood Food Blog: Donal is a bit of an institution in the Irish blogging world. He’s his own cook book, and frequently pops up on our tv screens too. Importantly though, the photos are amazing and the food is delicious. What more could you want?

Uplifting Food: A lovely blog with great food and some lovely anecdotes. I really like the tips and ticks section too – got my chopping boards glistening with cleanliness!

Other Foodie Resources

Bord Bia: The website of the Irish Food Board. A really useful site, with listings of local markets as well as a wealth of fantastic recipes from a range of Irish chefs. A blog aggregator of Irish food and drinks blogs.

Food Blogs from Further Afield

101 Cookbooks

David Lebovitz

In Good Taste

Joy the Baker

Pithy and Cleaver

Rachel Eats

Recipe Rifle

Smitten Kitchen

5 Responses to “Aisling Reads”
  1. reindeersp says:

    You’re so niiiiiice 🙂

  2. TheGlutton says:

    What a great list – love the little piece about each blog, a lovely touch. Thank you x

  3. Daily Spud says:

    Aw, thanks Aisling 🙂

  4. upliftingfood says:

    Thank you for the little write up, glad I could help with getting your chopping boards looking good. 😀


  5. jonoandjules says:

    Hi Aisling

    Thanks for writing something nice about our new blog.

    Jono & Julie

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