Recipe: Soy Sauce Stir Fry – Three Ways

Stir frys make a great midweek dinner, they’re super quick, super easy, and great for using up the odd unloved vegetable at the back of the fridge. Meat, fish and nuts all make great additions, but what about a sauce? Thankfully, the Home Economic days of dousing everything in soy sauce and hoping for the … Continue reading

Review: Bite, Dublin

I was recently treated to lunch at Dublin’s fish and chip shop, Bite on South Frederick Street. Describing itself as “hip, but not hipster”, Bite offers a refined take on traditional fish and chips, with very tasty results. Bite’s lunch menu is divided into three main sections: ‘Lunch Bites’, offering a variety of fish options, … Continue reading

Recipe: Smoked Mackerel Salad

One of the things I’ve noticed while looking for information about dairy-free diets is that most recipes and blogs specifically identified as dairy-free are aimed at vegans. I have nothing against the vegan lifestyle, and respect people who feel it is the best option for them, however having been a vegetarian for three years, I … Continue reading

I’m back!

Between moving apartment and starting a new and incredibly busy job blogging (and even cooking) fell by the wayside. However I recently found out I may have a dairy intolerance, and that has me cooking, blogging, and thinking about food again. I’ve always been a huge love of all things dairy (especially you, cheese!) so … Continue reading