Blogger’s Delight: Part 1

Apple Breakfast Muffin
Apple Breakfast Muffin

Eat Me.

I was walking down Kildare Street the other day an I spotted ‘Ireland’s Latest Celebrity Chef’, Donal Skehan. This made me think of muffins. More specifically, these apple breakfast muffins, from his wonderful blog. I tried to resist, but the idea had implanted itself so firmly in my head that there was nothing for it but to make them.

Apple Breakfast Muffins Ingredients

Ready to go

The recipe and ingredients are available on Donal’s blog here. He said it would make 12-16 muffins, but I actually got 24. I think I must have been using large eggs. I also used a little less honey than the recipe called for, as I don’t like things too sweet.

Apple Breakfast Muffin Mixture

Apple Breakfast Muffins ready for the oven

Baked Apple Muffins

They were delicious.

2 Responses to “Blogger’s Delight: Part 1”
  1. Ken says:

    You made Muffins and I didn’t get any!?!?!?!


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