Recipe: Soy Sauce Stir Fry – Three Ways

Stir frys make a great midweek dinner, they’re super quick, super easy, and great for using up the odd unloved vegetable at the back of the fridge. Meat, fish and nuts all make great additions, but what about a sauce? Thankfully, the Home Economic days of dousing everything in soy sauce and hoping for the … Continue reading


Review: Bite, Dublin

I was recently treated to lunch at Dublin’s fish and chip shop, Bite on South Frederick Street. Describing itself as “hip, but not hipster”, Bite offers a refined take on traditional fish and chips, with very tasty results. Bite’s lunch menu is divided into three main sections: ‘Lunch Bites’, offering a variety of fish options, … Continue reading

Recipe: Smoked Mackerel Salad

One of the things I’ve noticed while looking for information about dairy-free diets is that most recipes and blogs specifically identified as dairy-free are aimed at vegans. I have nothing against the vegan lifestyle, and respect people who feel it is the best option for them, however having been a vegetarian for three years, I … Continue reading

I’m back!

Between moving apartment and starting a new and incredibly busy job blogging (and even cooking) fell by the wayside. However I recently found out I may have a dairy intolerance, and that has me cooking, blogging, and thinking about food again. I’ve always been a huge love of all things dairy (especially you, cheese!) so … Continue reading

Sweet Potato, Broccoli and Lentil Sambar

I recently caved to a long-held desire and spent a budget-breaking €40 on a cookbook. To justify such insane expenditure, I’m going to have to cook just about everything in it – but so far, the Cornucopia: at home cookbook has more than lived up to my (significant) expectations. At the risk of sounding like … Continue reading

Peanut Butter Cookies

It would not be unfair to argue that these cookies are merely an inferior version of the recipe championed by Deb over at Smitten Kitchen. And while it’s true, that doesn’t negate the fact that these were made entirely with ingredients I already had in my cupboard (no mean feat these days). Oh and the … Continue reading

Steamed Mussel Pasta

A while ago, I heard that the nice people behind Cully & Sully are running a competition. Now, Cully & Sully are actually a brand close to my heart. They launched (or perhaps more accurately, became available in my local Superquinn) back when I was sitting my Leaving Cert. And, caught up in the hype … Continue reading

Quick and Easy Bean Salad

Quick and Easy Bean Salad

Mondays are always mad hectic when it comes to dinners. With at most an hour to change, eat and tidy up before heading out again, quick but filling is a must – despite my best efforts I have yet to manage to cook a batch of anything other than soup at the weekends, and that … Continue reading

Chocolate Fudge Cake Muffins

I think it’s safe to say that Summer threw a spanner in my blog-updating schedule. And a lot has happened since my last post, way back when. Aside from finishing up my summer job, I submitted my MA thesis at the beginning of this month. Three days before that, I moved out of home, and … Continue reading

Almond Slices

I think we can all agree that almonds are a thing of health and goodness. Packed full of protein, healthy fats and Vitamin E, the benefits attributed to almonds include lowering cholesterol, preventing diabetes and heart disease and even helping weight loss. Really an excuse to combine them with lashings of butter, flour, sugar and … Continue reading